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Weemo Blog Events The Truth about Edibles
January 22, 2019

The Truth about Edibles

The Truth about Edibles

With new advances in technology, cannabis chefs have been able to introduce distillate as the vehicle for the THC. It’s important to recognize what form of cannabis concentrate was used to create your edibles as they can yield different effects. Distillate is used for edibles that are meant to produce a psychoactive effect. They’re popular among commercial edible producers because the cannabinoids are completely decarboxylated during the distillate production process. Crystalline is popular because it contains a single cannabinoid — usually CBD or THCA. Crystalline can be sprinkled on foods or blended with dry or wet ingredients during the cooking or baking process, while distillate can be blended with other moist ingredients or mixed directly into liquids. Should you decide to bake your edibles with THCA crystalline, decarboxylation will take place during cooking or baking.

What type of edible should I try?

Hard candies and tinctures are a good option if you are looking for quick relief. The cannabinoids are absorbed orally through your tongue and cheeks. This results in a quicker onset and shorter lasting high. In comparison, gummies and chocolates contain cannabinoids that absorbed both orally and through digestion. This means that while you may feel the effects quite quickly they will last longer. These are my personal favourite when it comes to cannabis edibles. The slowest onset can be experienced when consuming baked goods. The effects felt from these edibles are long lasting and quite often referred to as ‘creepers’.

How much should I eat?

If you’re an experienced smoker it is important to remember that a standard joint has approximately 90-100 mg of THC. Take this into consideration before you choose your dose.

If you are new to the world of cannabis as a whole take this simple advice:


I do not recommend higher than a 20 mg dose for beginners. Remember it can take up to 1.5 hours for the active ingredients to have an effect. Wait at least 60 minutes before additional dosing if you want to increase the desired effects.

HELP! I am too high!

Remain calm. While it might seem that this experience is traumatic you can rest assured that your health is not at risk. Drink plenty of water and lie down. If you have CBD products on hand these will help alleviate the psychoactive effects of THC.




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