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Weemo Blog Events Small nugs let you save BIG!
October 09, 2019

Small nugs let you save BIG!

Small nugs let you save BIG!

Small nugs, as the name implies are often smaller flowers that have formed near the bottom of the plant.  These are usually B-grade buds that don’t have the bag appeal of large, lustrous A-grade nugs. One of the nice parts about them is their intermediate position between budget cannabis and high-quality bud.

The potency of popcorn buds should be on par with, if not slightly lower than, A-grade buds of the same strain (by the same producer). Strains like Girl Scout Cookies or certain OGs have been known to produce smaller, rounder buds at the bottom of the plant.

Big nugs are often broken up for packaging so that bags can have small standard weights. For indoor-grown cannabis, buds from near the top of the plant are slightly more potent than those that get less light. If nothing else you can impress your friends when you whip out a bud that looks like a sword.

How to use Small Nugs:

Use small nugs to press rosin, increase the potency of your edibles, or to roll/smoke/vape. Small nugs might not pop in the package, but they taste and feel nearly identical to their more expensive counterparts.

canadian cannabis small nugs
small nugs

Size guy, eh?

For me, nugs are about substance and stem ratio. As long as your pebble buds aren’t thin, larfy and overtaken by stems, size isn’t a big deal. If you already enjoy and appreciate the quality of cannabis created by a particular producer, do them and yourself a favor and purchase a packet of smalls at a discounted price. The producer gets to share and sell their entire lot of flower and you get A-grade potency at a B-grade price.

phantom cookies small nugs

We have had overwhelming requests to get some on our shelves!

So we went on the hunt…

Do You Like Small, Medium, Or Large cannabis Buds?

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