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Weemo Products Concentrates Live Resin Kronic Klouds Concentrates

Kronic Klouds Concentrates

Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating
(1 customer review)

1 Gram of Diamond Sauce for $70

1 Gram of Live Resin for $60


Kronic Klouds Concentrates

Diamonds, also known as high-cannabinoid full spectrum extract (HCFSE) is a hash oil product that features exceptional flavors and aromas, creating a complex combination that titillates all the senses.

Live resin is a type of cannabis concentrate that is manufactured using a technique that takes freshly harvested cannabis and freezes it to subcritical temperatures prior to and throughout the extraction process. Where these methods differ from other extraction processes is in the amount of time harvested cannabis plants are allowed to dry and cure before the extraction.

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Kronic Klouds Concentrates

MKU Live Resin, Purple White Lightning Live Resin, Blue Fire OG Diamond Sauce, Romulan Diamond Sauce, MKU Diamond Sauce, Lindsay OG Diamond Sauce, Sour Lemon Live Resin, Blackberry Breath Diamond Sauce

1 review for Kronic Klouds Concentrates

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Steve Vaillancourt (verified owner)

    That thing smell sooooo flowery and sugarsweet scent its unreal!!i can say without lie i never smell something to smoke smell that good in all my 20 years of exploration of cannabis and derivate.thats the best smell i never smell its awesome and imposible to dont like that smell that taste and that effect.that is some quality products.ses le meilleur odeur senti dans toute ma vie ses delucieux sa gele en tabarnak de calisse ses le bonheur innatendu l imposible a atteindre est attein je suis amoureux d un fucking produit ses le love qui ma mordu je suis geler et je suis bien dans cette univer opioidement comfortable je taime weemo i love weemo

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