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Weemo Products Bundles Weemo Intergalactic Pack

Weemo Intergalactic Pack

$430.00 $280.00

**30% OFF**

This bundle includes:

1 Ounce of Nebulator (H)

1 Ounce of Space Cookies (I)

1 Dark Side Dabs – Cherry oil

Pure Hemp Rollies – King Size

1 in stock

SKU: M0-WMO-011-0

Weemo Intergalactic Pack

1. Nebulator (H) AA

Parents: Violator x Nebula

Flavours: Pine, Pungent, Earth, Chemical


2. Space Cookies (H) AAA

Space Cookies in an indica-dominant hybrid strain with beautiful purple nugs and a layer of glossy trichomes. This strain will pack a punch with it’s head and body high and flavourful smoke.

Parents: GSC x Afghan

Flavours: Berry, Cookie, Pine, Sweet

3. Dark Side Dabs Syringe

You can use this product by dabbing it, rolling it into a joint, or smoke it in a pipe!


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