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Weemo Blog Events Sploof: A scent free smoking experience
March 21, 2019

Sploof: A scent free smoking experience

The smell of weed is extremely distinct, almost like a mix of skunk and body odor. Charming, right? Well, to a cannasseur, the smell is like heaven…but not everyone else agrees. Weed is smelly in all forms: When you smoke, as an untouched nug, during dabs, and even making cannabutter. For the smoker trying to be discrete, this can be a problem.

Person 1: Can we smoke in your pad? 
Person 2: Sure bro, just use the sploof and blow out the window. My parents don’t like the smell…

In order to combat this unwanted scent, there are a few ways to go about covering the smell of weed. You could always mask it (which works temporarily, but the smell still lingers), or you could take drastic action to get rid of the odor entirely. Usually, a combination of smell-covering methods is ideal. Below you’ll find a list of the best ways on how to cover weed smell. Use it as a guide, and suit it to your situation. Make both yourself and your housemates that much happier when you cover the smell of your weed. One of these ways is to use a sploof.

When people first think of a sploof, the “classic” is probably what comes to mind. An empty paper towel roll stuffed with dryer sheets and held together with a rubber band. Simple and easy to make!

If you are creative and a little technical I recommend making one out of PVC. To make a PVC sploof you’re going to need 2 threaded pipes, a pipe cap, pipe connector, 2 filters or screens, and activated carbon. Simply connect it all together putting the activated charcoal between the filters which are held in place by the cap and pipe connector.

Sploofs were typically made of household items. Thanks to the explosion of cannabis culture there are several manufacturers out there making the perfect sploof!


Sploofy uses a dual-layer activated carbon HEPA replaceable cartridge. That has a 99.97% efficiency rate. It also has a shatter-proof sleeve for enhanced protection and adjustable air flow. When it’s time to replace the cartridge, simply twist off the mouthpiece for easy removal.

Smoke on safely with your sploof!


How a Stash Jar helps!

Always, always, always keep your bud stored in an air-tight container. This does two things. First, you’re sealing away your goodies from humidity and air. Both of these can wreak havoc on your ganja. Second, it keeps the smell locked and loaded. That is to say, it doesn’t smell like dank the second you walk into the room where your bud is stored.

Stash jars come in many different forms, but the best ones come in packs of two. This is because you can keep multiple strains on-hand, without having to worry about mixing them up. The Airtight Smell Proof Durable Multi-Use Portable Metal Herb Container is by far one of the best stash jars around. Stop reading about how to cover weed smell, and start implementing strategies with these babies.

Cover Weed Smell With Clean Glass

If you’re a big fan of smoking glass, like pipes, bongs, or dab rigs, then there’s an easy solution to hiding the weed smell: Clean your glass regularly. Seriously, if you keep resin and ash out of your glass, you’re already starting off on a cleaner-smelling foot.


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