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Weemo Blog Events How to Make Cannabutter
February 06, 2019

How to Make Cannabutter

What will you need to make Cannabutter?

  1. crock pot
  2. cannabis shake
  3. butter
  4. cheesecloth
  5. narrow bottom bowl
  6. oven mitts

Will my house smell?

Unfortunately, yes it will. The process of making cannabutter can produce an odor similar to cooking spinach. If you live on your own and do not mind the scent of cannabis floating around your home it would be recommended to use a fan near the crockpot.

What sort of recipes can I use cannabutter in?

Whatever you want! While butter is better suited savory dishes, alternatives to butter can be used. Recently, cannabis coconut oil has become a popular substitute. It has a high amount of saturated fat, allowing it to absorb more cannabinoids than butter and other types of oil. It’s also more versatile than butter and is perfect for people on vegan, paleo, or keto diets. In addition to coconut oil, other types of oil make great alternatives for cannabutter. Canola oil is probably the best choice if you’re baking, due to the mild taste and the fact that it can be easily switched out for butter in most baked goods.

Let us know what you decide to make!

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