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Weemo Blog Events Homemade Moonrocks
February 22, 2019

Homemade Moonrocks

”Look at me man, moonrock is too much for you. You don’t wanna start there. It’s too much for me dawg.”

This is a warning from the famous cannabis connoisseur Snoop Dogg while he attended an interview on The Breakfast Club Radio show. To some, this may sound like a challenge and for those chronics out there I salute you. This is why we are tackling a tutorial on making your very own homemade moonrocks.

Homemade Moonrocks

What you’ll need:

  1. Big round nugs of your favorite strain
  2. Several syringes of distillate (depending on batch size)
  3. A lot of kief
  4. A rolling tray
  5. A cookie cooling rack

Making Moonrocks

Firstly, trim any super long leaves or stems off your nug so it is as close to a perfect circle as possible. Next, you will want to coat your nugs in distillate evenly so the kief can stick to them. If you apply the distillate too thick it will take a long time for the moonrocks to dry. It may also impact how they burn when smoking. I prefer a technique similar to that of putting lights on a Christmas tree. Circling the nug with the distillate while also placing larger dabs every few centimeters. You can use a skewer to avoid getting distillate on your hands if the nug does not have a stem.

The next step is simple, place the kief in your rolling tray and gently turn the nugs in the kief to ensure an even coating. If you are making a large batch of moonrocks you may want to purchase some dry-sift instead. Instead of relying on the kief in your grinder. After the nugs are completely coated I like to place them on a cookie cooling rack directly above the rolling tray with kief. So I can collect any kief that falls off the moonrocks while drying.

Smoking Moonrocks

While it may seem enticing to bust up your homemade moonrocks and use them in your favourite papers. I highly recommend smoking them out of a glass piece like a bong or pipe. The distillate and kief on the nug make it very sappy when it is lit. This does not bode well for rolling papers or blunts. Using scissors or your fingers simply break apart the moonrock and stuff it into the bowl. Ensure there is room for airflow as they take a while to burn. Smoking moonrocks will produce thick clouds of white smoke that are flavourful and aromatic.

Since they are loaded with extra THC in both the distillate and the kief they are bound to get you high. They are only recommended for experienced smokers. Use them for special occasions with friends, or as gifts for your stoner friends!


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