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Weemo Blog Events Grow Boxes – All you need to know
November 04, 2019

Grow Boxes – All you need to know

What is a Grow Box?

A Grow box runs stealth and comes with various automating functions. Looking like a fridge or cabinet, it will uniform your living room or indoor area making it the best solution for any hydroponic growers, especially the marijuana cultivators. However, even the cheapest grow cabinets may come with a scary price tag. But with the high price you pay now, you spare yourself from a lot of trouble and struggle in the long run due to the numerous benefits of grow box.

Even if your thumb is brown, a prefabricated grow box is built with a green thumb inside. It pretty much takes away all the guesswork that comes with setting up your grow room. Instead of multiple trips to the hardware store, and hours of research online, you’ve only got to make one purchase and one decision. Today, we take deep dive into grow boxes to look at the best grow box for beginners, how to set one up and a brief overview of how to grow cannabis in a grow cabinet.

Why do You Need a Grow Box?

If you’ve never grown marijuana before, it’s not as simple as a common houseplant. The environment can take quite a bit of tinkering to get right.

To get a full, potent, and bountiful harvest, you need to know about light spectrum, humidity, airflow, temperature, soil and so much more. It takes time to work out these variables. Unless, of course, you buy a grow box. A grow box is an all-in-one kit for perfecting these conditions on the very first try. Designed by those who know all about growing cannabis, you’ll learn from the experts and work out the kinks, on your very first grow.

The biggest benefit of grow boxes is that you can set up your discrete garden virtually anywhere without drawing attention. Whether it’s in your unused bedroom or kitchen, with grow box you can automate your indoor gardening and obtain the best results every time throughout the entire year! Additionally, these all-in-one units also come with numerous attractive features including:

  1. All-in-one design

  2. Flexibility

  3. Good Use of Space

  4. Sneaky & Stealth

  5. Minimizing smell

  6. Efficiency & Effective

  7. Saves you money in the long run

Top Grow Boxes in Canada

Grobo – Premium Grow Box

The Grobo is considered a premium box on today’s market. It comes equipped with full automation. Grobo is the most automated system on the market. The pH level adjustment and nutrients dosing features save you lots of time. The pH sensor in the water reservoir constantly monitors the pH levels in the water. When the system indicates that it isn’t at optimal growing conditions it automatically doses pH up or pH down to get it back to its perfect state. The grow boxes EC sensor is also constantly monitoring the system’s nutrients levels. It knows exactly how much nutrients the plant needs. When the system senses that the plant is low on food it automatically doses in nutrients, this means that your plant never goes hungry.

Grobo’s full spectrum lighting completely changes the game. This may just sound like 8 fancy ways to give your plant light but it can actually does amazing things for your plant. The 8 different colours can shine at varying intensities throughout each stage of the growth cycle. Grobo customizes the lighting settings of each specific strain to increase the yield and quality of the plant.


Stealth Box – The Canadian Grow Box

Stealth Box is a 4 plant, plug & play grow box that comes with everything you need for a full grow. The system produces 2-7 ounces of high quality, organic, cannabis every grow cycle and is light and odor neutral.


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