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Weemo Blog Events DIY Stash Can
May 17, 2019

DIY Stash Can

Here is a simple DIY stash Can that can prevent family members from coming into your room and taking your precious cannabis. The soda can safe is a clever yet secure way to confuse prying eyes!

Materials for your DIY stash can

  1. Razor blade or box cutter
  2. Pop can of your choice
  3. Drywall Mud
  4. Medication container
  5. Silicone

First, clean your can so that it doesn’t start growing bacteria. Simply guide the razor blade around the mouth of the can and make a clean cut. So that you have the top of the can in a disk to work with.

Next step, all you need is the piece of soda can you took off and the lid of the container you chose. Adhere them together with the silicone.  Now when everything dries screw the lid back onto the medication container.

This part is probably the trickiest in making your DIY stash can. Fill your empty pop can with drywall mud. While it is drying you can go ahead and place the medication container in the perfect position. So that the lid you have created is flush with the top of the pop can.

Now when everything dries unscrew the lid and you have your very own DIY stash can!

Stop by our store to find the perfect cannabis products to store in your stash can!

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