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Weemo Blog Accessories Dab Rigs 101: The Basics
May 09, 2019

Dab Rigs 101: The Basics

The method of melting concentrates on a hot surface dates back to a process called hot-knifing. Where a knife is heated up, usually on a stove, before applying a cannabis concentrate to the knife and inhaling the vapors. This reached its peak with the invention of glass “blades”. This basic set up has changed to one that includes things like Caps, Rigs,a Banger, Nails, Recyclers and more.

Nails and Bangers

This is where the dab starts. The nail or banger is a where the heat is applied and where you will apply your concentrates. Nails are often able to drop straight into the down-stem of bongs. These are heated with a torch and usually come with a dome, that sits around the nail in order to catch the vapor. A cap was sometimes used in order to lower the pressure around the nail and increase the amount of vapor produced.

Most nails suffered in that they were only able to vaporize a small amount of concentrates before the excess melted down the side.

If you go to a head shop with the intentions of buying a nail. Chances are you’ll be directed to a quartz banger. Outside of an enail a quartz banger will have better heat retention and be able to handle more concentrates. Quartz bangers also tend to be most compatible with borosilicate and quartz carb caps.


A cap or carb cap serves to increase the pressure under the cap. In some cases, they manipulate the melted concentrate around the nail by directing air around the nail. Caps can be as simple as a flat piece of glass that seals the top of the nail to increase vapor production. While more elaborate caps are specially designed to make the air inside the nail swirl around. Ensuring the melted concentrate doesn’t ever sit in one spot and is continuously vaporized.


Short for electronic nail, an enail uses a device called a PID controller in order to maintain the selected temperature. The controller sends a voltage to a coil wrapped around a nail or banger. The coil then takes a measurement of the temperature in order to modulate the power being sent to the nail. As a result, an enail can deliver a consistent temperature even when taking large dabs and is probably the best choice for those who need to serve dabs to a crowd. Enails require specific nails, make sure to check the compatibility of the nail and the coil. You’ll save money on butane as well as these nails do not require a torch.


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