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Weemo Blog Events 5 DIY Smoking Tools
February 11, 2019

5 DIY Smoking Tools

Where there is a will, there is a way!

Firstly, it may come as a surprise to some, there are many cannabis consumers today who do not know how to roll a joint. These are the stoners who have blazed a new trail of their own. Homemade smoking devices have been a staple in the cannabis community since its genesis. Here I break down 5 DIY smoking tools.

5 DIY Smoking Tools

Pop Can Pipe

The pop can pipe is my least favourite out of our 5 DIY smoking tools. I was quite often left with a headache and the inhale of this pipe is very harsh. The chamber is small and there is no water involved, causing cannabis smoke to be very hot when inhaled. This is by far our most convenient tool as a can could be found just about anywhere.

  1. pop can
  2. sewing needle/pin
  3. lighter & cannabis

Apple Pipe

This one is a classic. Your parents have probably smoked out of one of these once or twice… Nowadays with the birth of the internet, there are tutorials on making pipes out of almost any sort of fruit or vegetable imaginable. It is important to pick an apple that is not too ripe as it will lead to your pipe being mushy. A nice ripe firm apple is recommended and also allows you to have a snack afterward.

  1. apple
  2. knife
  3. pen
  4. lighter & cannabis

Waterfall Bong

The waterfall bong can be messy! While it is only water pouring out, it is still recommended to use this outside or in the shower. When making the bowl for the top of the bottle I would avoid using anything plastic. Burning plastic can emit chemicals in a gas form that will make you very sick. In the past, I have used a socket from a wrench and socket set. They are metal and act similarly to a bowl in a regular bong.

  1. bottle (preferably 2 Litre)
  2. bowl
  3. scissors
  4. faucet
  5. lighter & cannabis

Gravity Bong

Out of our 5 DIY smoking tools, the Gravity Bong has a reputation for getting users higher than they intended. This is because the added push from the bucket of water allows users to fully inhale all the smoke available. I recommend the largest bottle possible for maximum effect, keeping in mind you will need a water source large enough to accommodate the bottle.

  1. bottle (preferably 2 Litre)
  2. bowl
  3. scissors
  4. a bucket filled with water
  5. lighter & cannabis

The Lung

While I know many people swear by this technique it is not a personal favourite. The lack of water in the device makes the smoke hot when inhaling. But this is relatively easy to make it is easy to conceal making it a favourite amongst those toking on the go. I recommend using a clean shopping bag from a higher end grocery mart or clothes mart. If you use one that is old you run the risk of having holes in the bag, making it less effective.

  1. bottle (preferably 1 Litre)
  2. bowl
  3. scissors
  4. tape
  5. grocery bag
  6. lighter & cannabis

Let us know your favourite out of our DIY smoking tools!


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